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 At, we carry a full line of LiftMaster Remotes, Parts and Accessories for LiftMaster Residential Garage Door Openers, Commercial Garage Door Openers and Gate Openers.  Whether you need a Gear & Sprocket, Logic Board, Safety Sensors, Remote Control, Trolley, Keypad or any other Garage Door Accessory, by Garage Door Supply Company stocks all the most common garage door opener parts and accessories for LiftMaster Residential and Commercial Products.  Though this store is strictly devoted to the LiftMaster Product Line, we carry a huge variety of garage door opener remotes, parts and accessories for all major brands at our other stores.

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LiftMaster Remote Control Products Information


LiftMaster Remote Control products have changed a lot over the last 30 years.  All LiftMaster Remotes are not the same.   It is important that you order the correct remote control that is compatible with your garage door opener.  As technology has changed over the years, LiftMaster has been at the forefront of leading the garage door industry in new technology implementation.  As such, LiftMaster has used 5 different Radio Control types over the last 30 years.


Starting in the 1980's until 1993 LiftMaster Used a 390MHz Fixed Code 8 or 9 DIP SWITCH Coding system for programming remote controls.  The compatible remotes for these units include the following: 61LM 1-button remote

and the 375LM Universal Remote and the 387LM Universal Wireless Keypad.


From 1993-1997, LiftMaster used a 390MHz Billion Code Technology with a Billion possible codes making it almost impossible for thieves to steal your garage door code. These Openers have a GREEN  Smart Button and the Compatible remotes include the following: 890MAX mini remote, 893MAX 3-button remote, 895MAX Premium 3-button remote  and the 877MAX Wireless Keypad.


From 1997-2005, LiftMaster used an even more secure 390MHz Security+ Rolling Code Technology.  These Garage Door Openers have a RED or ORANGE Smart Button and the Compatible Remotes include: 971LM One Button remote, 890MAX mini Remote, 893MAX 3 Button Remote, 895MAX Premium 3 Button Remote and the 877MAX Wireless Keypad.


From 2005-CURRENT, LiftMaster has used a 315MHz Security+ Rolling Code Technology that had fewer problems with radio interference.  These garage door openers have a PURPLE Smart Button. Compatible remotes include the following: 371LM 1-Button Remote, 373LM 3-Button remote, 890MAX mini Remote, 893MAX 3-Button Remote, 895MAX Premium 3-Button Remote and the 377LM Wireless Keypad.


From 2011-CURRENT, LiftMaster is also using a New Tri-Band Security+ 2.0 with MyQ Technology that transmits in three different frequencies simultaneously.  This virtuously eliminates radio interference and allows you to monitor and communicate with your garage door opener via the Internet from a smart phone or computer from anywhere in the world.  These Openers have a YELLOW Smart Button.  Compatible remotes include the following: 891LM 1-button remote, 893LM 3-button remote, 890MAX mini remote, 895MAX Premium 3-button remote and the877LM Wireless Keypad.

LiftMaster Garage Door Openers are the industry leader in durability and reliability.  In most cased they are also much easier to repair for both garage door professionals and "Do-it-Yourselfers". Genuine LiftMaster parts are made of the finest materials and are designed for long lasting and safe operation for years.  For the most part, LiftMaster has done a great job of making many of their parts standard across many of their models.  This makes it easier to determine what parts you need for your garage door opener.   Below is a list of the most common LiftMaster garage door openers parts.


Gear & Sprockets:

CHAIN DRIVE MODELS: Most LiftMaster chain drive openers use the 41C4220A Gear and Sprocket replacement kit.  This part is compatible with all 1/3 HP and 1/2 HP Chain drive models.  Most 3/4 HP chain drive models use different gear and sprocket kits depending on the model.

BELT DRIVE MODELS: There are basically 2 different gear and sprocket kits for LiftMaster belt drive garage door openers. The 41A4885-2 Gear & Sprocket kit fits the following models: 1270, 1280 & 1280R.  The 41A4885-5 Gear & Sprocket kit fits all other Belt Drive models with A/C Motors.  If you are unsure which gear and sprocket kit you need, you can also order the 41A2817 Gear Kit.  This kit is the same for all Residential LiftMaster Garage Door Openers with A/C Motors.


Safety Sensors:

There are only 2 Different LiftMaster Safety Sensor Kits available.  The 41A4373A Safety Sensor Kit fits all garage door openers manufactured before 1997 and the 41A5034 Safety Sensor Kit fits all LiftMaster Garage Door Openers manufactured after 1997.  We also have Safety Sensor extension brackets and Sun Shields to protect your safety sensors from direct sunlight interference.


LiftMaster Logic Boards:

All LiftMaster Garage Door openers are controlled by a circuit board assembly that is called a Logic Board.   In most cases, the logic board part number is located on the outside of the end panel of the garage door opener where the logic board is located and not on the printed circuit board itself.  Most LiftMaster Logic Board assemblies include the end panel of the opener that the circuit board is attached to.


We also carry the complete line of LiftMaster Parts for Residential Garage Door Openers. Other common parts include Trolley assemblies, Limit Switch Assemblies, Wall Consoles, Replacement Belts, Replacement Chains and many more LiftMaster Parts.

LiftMaster Commercial Garage Door Openers come in a Huge variety of styles and types.  Because of this, Commercial operator parts are usually hard to find and even harder to buy.  We carry a wide variety of the most common LiftMaster Commercial Garage Door Opener Parts in stock. However, even if we don't have the part you are looking for in stock, we can usually get your part to you, the end consumer within five to seven business days.  Because there are literally thousands of parts for several dozens of models of commercial operators, It is very difficult to have every part available listed on our website.  We are adding more and more commercial parts almost every day.  If you don't find the part you need, please don't hesitate to call us at



LiftMaster Commercial Openers are available in four different types, with several models available within each type depending on the use requirements for your commercial garage door.


LiftMaster Trolley Operators

These commercial openers are used with most standard lift sectional garage doors and are available in light duty, medium duty and industrial duty.  These are probably the most common commercial garage door openers and can lift doors up to 16' tall.


LiftMaster Jack Shaft Operators

These commercial openers are typically used for rolling doors, shutters and grilles.  They are also used for Industrial commercial high lift or vertical lift sectional doors, in warehouses where headroom space requirements are needed.  These openers are available in Standard Duty, Medium Duty and Industrial Duty models.


LiftMaster Hoist Operators

These commercial openers are also typically used on rolling doors and grilles as well as some industrial sectional garage doors with high or vertical lift.  These operators are available in either medium duty or industrial duty models.


LiftMaster Sliding Garage Door Operators

These commercial door openers are used for single or bi-parting sliding doors or fire doors.


When ordering parts for LiftMaster Commercial operators, it is important to have the model number and logic board version for your operator.



LiftMaster Gate Operator Parts and Accessories Information


LiftMaster Gate Operators are built and engineered with the absolute highest quality standards with rugged construction that ensures that your gate will open reliably every time for years to come.  LiftMaster gate operators are the industry standard for quality, durability and dependability.   LiftMaster gate openers have been the recipients of numerous awards and exceed all industry safety standards.


We Carry a full line of LiftMaster gate opener parts and accessories for all of the different models of gate operators.  We carry gate hardware, pedestals, fire access boxes, loops and loop detectors, gate locks, vehicle detection systems, gate wheels, hinges, guide rollers, photo eyes, sensing edges, sensing probes and more.


LiftMaster has four basic types of gate operators, including Sliding gate openers, Swinging Gate Openers, Barrier and Driveway gate operators and low clearance trolley operators.


LiftMaster Sliding Gate Openers

Slide gate operators are used when there is not a lot of space behind the gate to allow for a swinging gate.  In these instances, the gate must slide parallel to the fence or wall.


LiftMaster Swing Gate Operators

These gate openers are used on either single or double gates where the gate will swing either inward or outward from the fence or wall.  These are used only in instances where there is plenty of room for the gate to swing inward or outward.


LiftMaster Barrier & Driveway Operators

These gate openers are typically used for high traffic or high use applications that require frequent access.  Barrier gate operators are typically used for airports, parking lots or office buildings.


Low Clearance Trolley Operators

These gate operators are typically used on high traffic gates or low profile applications such as apartment complexes and parking garages. These machines are designed and engineered specifically for apartments and condominiums.


Because there are so many parts and accessories available for gate operators, you may not find the part or accessory that you are looking for on our website.  If you cannot see what you are looking for, please don't hesitate to call us at


LiftMaster Garage Door Openers Models Information


LiftMaster Garage Door Openers have been the industry standard in the garage door opener industry for over 25 years....  More information will be coming

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